What is ZOiK Sparkling Water?

ZOiK Sparkling Water is a healthy blend of minerals and fun. The number of times we have ordered a soda or other sugary drinks after a meal is way too large to count. The fizz and pop the soda offers cannot be outweighed by a bottle of mineral water, we know! Our carbon infused mineral water offers you the best of both worlds without causing you to make compromises.

Does it have natural carbonation like Perrier?

ZOiK is mildly carbonated to retain the natural carbonation originally present in the water sourced from the springs for that extra fizz and sparkle!

Is sparkling water healthy?

Yes! Sparkling water is a healthy alternate to sodas and other aerated drinks. Complement it with your fancy dinner or pizza party and see for yourself! The zero caffeinated, drink offers the feeling of drinking soda without having to endure its harmful side.

Where does ZOiK Sparkling water come from?

ZOiK is sourced from the Himalayan springs and is  processed and bottled carefully so that no minerals are lost.

How is ZOiK made?

ZOiK, sourced from the Himalayas are infused with carbon dioxide to restore the natural carbonation level. 

Where is ZOiK bottled?

ZOiK is bottled at source at Karaganoo, Himachal Pradesh. This is our own little way of trying to stay authentic. 

What is the difference between ZOiK & Soda Water?

ZOiK is made of 2 ingredients- minerals and sparkle, kidding! Water and co2 which brings you a ton of nourishment. We stay away from ingredients that can cause you harm in any way.
Zero sugar, Zero caffeine and zero calories- 3 Z’s things the soda has and we don’t

Are ZOiK products recyclable?

Yes! Our bottles are 100% recyclable and reusable. 

What is the shelf life of ZOiK?

Our products have a shelf life of 6 months but we assure you, once you get a taste of ZOiK, you won’t be able to put it down!

What is the best way to drink ZOiK?

Sip it on a sunny day or mix it with some lime, mint and rum to make a top notch drink. Ways to incorporate ZOiK into your life are infinite and we want you to make those discoveries with us!

How should I store ZOiK?

Store ZOiK in your refrigerator, below room temperature for that extra fun! ZOiK is best enjoyed with own its own or as a substitute to soda for your favorite drink! Chill it and chill with it!

Is ZOiK allergen free? How about gluten-free and vegan?

 Yes, yes and yes!! We are free of everything bad and we are vegan! 

What is the PH of ZOiK?

ZOiK adheres to the recommended ideal pH balance of water (between 6.5-9.5) and is perfectly healthy for your body!

Is it caffeine free?

Yes! ZOiK is caffeine free but rest assured, we don’t want you to compromise on your energy drink and stay lazy and sleepy all day. ZOiK offers you the same refreshment and energy a soda offers in a much healthier way.

Do you supply pan India?

We are just a few clicks away from being your best friend! We offer our services and products throughout India. No matter where you live, you deserve a healthy refreshment!