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ZOiK Strawberry Flavoured Sparkling Water (350ml each)

ZOiK Strawberry Flavoured Sparkling Water (350ml each)

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Delightfully fruity and invigorating bubbly drink featuring the natural and zingy taste of juicy strawberries. Made with all-natural ingredients for a truly refreshing experience.

Sourced from Himalayas

We use natural underground spring water sourced from the foothills of Himalayas

No hidden ingredients

Zero sweeteners, zero calories, zero sugar and zero harm. No scam, no hiding.

Guilt free experience

No need to worry about what's in your drink anymore! Drink each sip, guilt-free.

Naturally flavoured

Our strawberry flavour is 100% natural, pure and free from artificial colours or sweeteners.

Packaged at source

We pack and seal our products at source to preserve the minerals in its purest form.

Perfect as a mixer or a standalone drink

Great for making cocktails or mocktails, and it's also delicious as a standalone drink.

PRO-TIP: Best Served Chilled!
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