All you need to know about Veganism!

All you need to know about Veganism!

Veganism is a term all of us would have come across during our time on the internet. Although veganism has existed for many years, it took the world by storm in the last decade. Veganism gained so much popularity that it turned into a trend. In the last decade, the number of people that have started to practice veganism has expanded by 350 %. With the popularity came a lot of backlash and negativity regarding veganism. Veganism is a conscious choice and hopefully by the end of this blog, you can decide if it's the right choice for you!

What is veganism?


Veganism by definition is a practice wherein one person does not consume any animal products such as milk, meat etc. But it's not just that. Veganism is also against any sort of exploitation against animals such as products tested on animals and accessories and clothing that comes from animals.

Although it's up to each individual how they want to practice veganism and incorporate it into their lifestyle, the basic morals remain the same. The differences in practice occur due to several factors such as financial state, availability of alternate products etcetera.
At a single glance, the vegan diet may seem restrictive and way too complicated for everyone to follow. This is where you have to remember what we discussed prior. The way veganism is practiced can change drastically from person to person. You can choose the pace and the kind of food you want to consume with the help of a nutritionist.


How to make the switch easier?

 Go vegan

Never eating your favorite fried chicken or biriyani sounds impossible at first. But, studies have shown that finding out the vegan alternatives and more than anything asking yourself if it's a choice that you want to make for yourself before making the switch makes it a whole lot easier.
A whole lot easier does not make it not difficult. On a positive note, finding vegan alternatives to suit your daily needs is becoming more and more easier.
To sum it up, finding the right alternatives and believing in the philosophy of veganism can make a huge positive difference in the initial stages of your switch!


Why go vegan?


veganism benefits
Ethics is one of the main reasons that people go vegan. If you are a person who believes that every animal on this planet has the right to live, and don't want them to suffer just for your benefit, veganism is the right choice for you.
Veganism also offers various health benefits. Many kinds of meat, especially red meat, have been linked to several diseases such as cancer and heart problems. It can also get rid of constipation and other digestive diseases for some people.
The scary elephant in the room - the environment and how it's worsening day by day is also another major reason why people switch to veganism.


What can you eat?


Beans, lentils, peas, soya, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and any other plant based product can be consumed without fear after switching to a vegan diet!
If you are interested in making a switch or want to know more about veganism, we suggest you seek help from a practicing dietician or a nutritionist.
Making the switch does not give you the moral high ground. A drastic switch in your diet is a big change for you and your body and make sure you do it only if you feel ready for it. Veganism is an excellent lifestyle if you go into it wholeheartedly!


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