Surprising Benefits and Uses of Sparkling water!

Surprising Benefits and Uses of Sparkling water!

Turns out sparkling water isn’t just for drinking. Who knew? We did! We are going to blow your minds with all the ways you can use them. Sparkling water is extremely good for our body- we all know that. It is nourishing, energizing and tastes and feels way better than mineral water. This magic potion can do more than just nourishment. It is quite an all-rounder. These are some great and surprising uses of sparkling water!

Uh-mazing batter

Carbonated liquid can enhance the crunch of your batter and give you the lift you never knew you needed for food items such as pancakes, waffles or eggs! Make your yummy dishes crunchy and yummier with some sparkling water.

Watering your plants

Yes, that's right. Caring for your plants with soda water will actually help them grow faster. Who would have thought? A study by Colorado University found that the added minerals in carbonated water allow plants to absorb nutrients and grow faster than plants watered with regular H2O. And, if you use sparkling water on green plants, they apparently grow greener. Greener, fresher and of course, yummier!

Jewelry cleaner

Why pay for professional jewelry cleaning, when sparkling water can do the trick? Sparkling water removes stains and rust, so it even works on coins. Soak them in a bottle filled with sparkling water, baking soda and washing liquid for 10 minutes and see that grime and dirt just disappear.

Boil vegetables faster

Sparkling water softens the vegetables and makes it easier to cook/boil. Cook them faster and serve them quicker, all with one magic ingredient. Less  cooking time means they will retain more vitamins and nutrients. A win-win situation!

Clean teapots and mugs

Tea stains and dark patches causing you embarrassment? Worry not! Just get a bottle of sparkling water and some baking soda. Fill the pot or mug with the mixture  and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash them to see the dirt and stain vanish.

Window cleaner

Dirty windows can destroy your whole aesthetic. Scrub your windows with a solution of baking soda and sparkling water and see the magic of carbon and soda work their magic!

Tummy aches

Tummy ache thanks to the carbonation which encourages the release of gas, thereby reducing indigestion and that uneasy feeling. The addition of sodium bicarbonate helps to neutralize excess stomach acids, which could be the cause of your tummy aches!

Perfect scrambled eggs

Want that perfect, puffy scrambled egg? Easy peasy! Add sparkling water to your egg with 4-5 tbs of milk and make your own yummy and airy scrambled eggs at home. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having tasty scrambled egg!

Carpet stains

Did your pet or your friend spill some wine or food on your favorite carpet? Don’t throw them away, just clean them with sparkling water. This easy quick fix will save you money and time. Mix equal parts of sparkling water and baking soda (lime too if you have it) and scrub away!

Korean beauty secrets!

There are multiple benefits to washing your face with sparkling water. It is believed it deep-cleanses your skin because the carbonation (the bubbling effect) will break up any residue in your pores and flush it out.
Sparkling water also helps in increasing the blood circulation leading to more oxygen and nutrients seeping deep into your skin. No more annoying pimples, marks or lines, just glowy, smooth and replenished skin!
The Japanese and Koreans know skin care. So, trust us and trust them. The way to get squeaky clean skin got a whole lot more fizzier!
The pH value of regular water is 7 and that of your skin is 5.5. Guess what else has a pH of 5.5? Sparkling water! Washing your face with sparkling water will not harm the pH level of your skin, so it remains healthier and has fewer breakouts. This is how you do it:
  1. wash your face with sparkling water (splash away)
  2. Use your regular face wash or cleanser and massage it on your face
  3. Rinse the face wash away with some more sparkling water
  4. Dab a towel and dry your face (don’t rub, dab).
  5. Apply moisturizer and continue with your regular skin routine.

 Sparkling water, we tell you!

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