Gift health to your loved ones this Valentine's!

Gift health to your loved ones this Valentine's!

It is February! The weather is getting warmer and you know what’s around the corner? Sun, warmth and love!
This Valentine’s, we thought we would give you a new perspective to love. Love comes into our lives out of nowhere and when it hits you, it just takes your breath away. Who doesn’t love LOVE?  We at ZOiK absolutely love this day solely dedicated to love and romance. We love the sappy, touchy love with big gestures and we love the expressive and smaller but just as effective kind of love.
This Valentine’s, why don’t we help our loved ones get a little bit more healthier? Chocolates and flowers are the staples but why don’t we add health to this duo and make it a kick-ass trio?
Gifting health is easy! Here are some ways you can show your love in a healthier way-


Dark chocolates


Get them dark chocolates instead of the sugary regular ones. Dark chocolates are more of an acquired taste but once you get used to them, there is no going back! Once you go dark, you never go back! And dark chocolates have more antioxidants and minerals which makes it all the more better!


Healthy home cooked meal


Instead of eating outside where you have no clue what they are putting in your food, try having a very romantic, intimate home cooked meal in your PJs or dress up all fancy; whatever floats your boat! You know what you’re putting into your body and having that with a healthy mocktail/cocktail of your choice by swapping out soda and using ZOiK can help you make your body and mind feel a whole load better!


Assorted gift sets


assorted dry fruit sets
Assorted gifts are a great and healthy gift to give your partner. They show you care and they can be anything!
Assorted dry fruits gift basket
Assorted herbal tea boxes
Assorted ZOiK Sparkling Water
Assorted healthy snacks
Literally anything and they always work! We can guarantee you that.


Helping them get out of their bad habits


We often develop habits that are bad for your mind and body. It could be stress eating, drinking excessively, smoking or taking drugs. Understanding and helping your partner while they try to release the clutches of their habits and move towards a better life can also be one way you show your love and affection this Valentine’s.




gym equipment
If your partner is not big on fitness or if they are and you want to surprise them with something they have always wanted, go for it!
Gym memberships, fitness trackers or gym equipment are some ways you can do this. And maybe, you can start training with them and get better together.


Love is not about expensive gifts and spending loads of money for momentary pleasures. It is also about showing you care about that person through smaller gestures and this Valentine’s, we want you to think about your partner and their health.


If you run short of ideas, you can always visit our page and get them a box of nutritious and hydrating ZOiK, just saying ;).

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