The rise of Make in India homegrown brands!

The rise of Make in India homegrown brands!

Make in India took not just the country but the entire world by storm. The visible impact it had and the boom it created in the Indian market significantly helped India grow. Now, people in India could not only start their businesses showcasing authentic Indian culture, traditions, and crafts but they could build a sustainable and successful career out of it.

We are very passionate about this subject since yours truly is also a homegrown brand¬†that benefited from the economic boom ‚ÄėMake in India‚Äô created. Although the Make in India movement started almost a decade ago, its significance is ever-increasing. Let us dive in and take a proper look as to why this is:


Increasing job opportunities

The rate of unemployment has come down significantly after the Make in India program was introduced and put into practice. The primary beneficiaries of this initiative are the youth who can either start their own or be a part of this movement.


Economic growth

Make in India movement and the economic boom has contributed to 25% of the country’s GDP. What must be kept in mind is that this movement is not even a decade older. So this is not only a massive success but the right step to a future where (forgive the cheesy next few words) dreams can actually come true.


Increasing the vicinity 

India’s culture, traditions, food, and everything which seemed alien and exotic to the rest of the world is now easily available to be explored and loved. And, Indian entrepreneurs with great ideas and visions now have a stage to showcase them to the world and grow.


Indian Brands getting the recognition

The recognition which was well overdue and well deserved is finally being given to Indian brands which make high-quality products and offers high-quality services. Even the smaller brands with less capital and less reach when compared with several other brands are now thriving and we are loving it!
After the pandemic, we all saw the sudden spurts of online businesses using social media platforms to market and sell their products.


Zoik started off as a small dream. As a brand that has directly seen and received the benefits of the Make in India movement is happy to be authentic and Indian. In the last decade, the popularity, the support from the different government sectors, and the sturdy growth have just gone up and up the Y-axis and if the numerous surveys and studies are to be believed, it's going to stay this way!

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