ZOiK Himalayan sparkling water

Introducing ZOiK Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

You Googled it and we are here to answer it!

Sparkling water is becoming more and more of a staple in restaurants and bars. You might have noticed this term while skimming the menu or travelling abroad and it is completely natural to have questions and concerns about this "soda like" water and we are here to answer all your pressing questions!

Let's start from the basics, shall we?

What is sparkling water?

Sparkling water is fizzy water, but it just can't be any water. Sparkling water contains naturally occurring minerals sourced from natural springs, aquifers or groundwater wells. The bubbles and fizz comes from a process called carbonation in which carbon-dioxide is infused into water.

ZOiK sources its water from the foothills of the Himalayas. The water contains natural minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and other nutrients which gives ZOiK its unique taste.

How is it different from sodas?

ZOiK sparkling water is bubbly, contains natural minerals and is a crafted beverage. It is also calorie free, has zero sugar and is free from any preservatives.

How to drink sparkling water?

  • Sip straight from the bottle or can

  • Use it as a mixer for all the lovely cocktails and mocktails you love

  • Infuse with herbs or fruits to make infused sparkling water

  • Add your favourite syrup or sharbat

When to drink sparkling water?

House parties, dates, after work-out when you are sweating bullets or after a long hard day at work. Pop open a bottle of ZOiK for an ultimate refreshment!

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Who can drink sparkling water?
Anyone who is craving something fizzy (which we all do at odd times of the day) can drink sparkling water. Pregnant women, children, people looking for a good time, people trying to forget the awful day they just had, people trying to get back into shape and literally anyone. 

Where can I read more about sparkling water?
You can click here and visit our website and we have some blog posts and a quick read through will be enough to answer all your basic questions!

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