Personal resolutions at a macro level

Personal resolutions at a macro level


A new year is upon us many of you reading this might have taken resolutions hoping to make a positive change in life. Most of the resolutions we take each year are recurring; improved financial situations, personal and professional development, health etc.
This year, we at ZOiK  thought we should do something more. We want to share them with you and encourage you all to take part in it as well! Resolutions to fulfil our social responsibilities 😊. And let us make sure we come in the 46% of people who actually follow through and complete their resolutions!


Planting trees:

We know the critical place our world is in ecologically and the easiest way we can help is by planting trees. Plant one tree every quarter and make sure to water them and take care of them!



It can be individual volunteering, family volunteering or doing it with a bunch of your friends. And, (unfortunately) there are no shortages of places to volunteer and people that seek help. Old age homes, animal shelters, orphanages, helping special needs kids/people, donating your time to anything your passionate about is volunteering and we are hoping to bring more people into this!


Donating Blood:

We just came out of a deadly pandemic and we all know the importance of being there to help our brothers and sisters in anyway we can. Blood donation is one of the best ways to help people as a lot of hospitals are still facing shortages of blood.


Donating money:


If you don’t have the time or do not have access to any of the above, please think about donating money to a program or a NPO of your choice. A small amount monthly can make a huge change in a lot of people’s lives!


No Littering:

Less use of plastics, switching to degradable packaging like we did and making sure you put them in waste bins and not in the streets will make our streets decluttered and a little more beautiful.


Being kind and respectful:


In life, we will come across so many people who think different, perceive things different and act different. And sometimes, you can easily see the wrong in what they think/do. All that being said, in 2023, let’s not use this as an excuse to be rude to people. Being kind, accepting, respectful and at times forgiving is what makes humans so incredible.

So, let this new year be what you hoped for and more! May you be less hard on yourself and others, forgive more and definitely hydrate more!! Happy New Year!

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