Sparkling Water vs Club Soda

Sparkling Water vs Club Soda

Both soda and sparkling water are forms of carbonated water. They even look the same and both seem to be fizzy and a great addition to your meal/drinks. So what is the difference and does it really make a difference if you choose sparkling water over soda? Let’s find out!


Let us first go over some basic differences.



Sparkling water

Artificial carbonation

Uses water from springs or wells making it more natural and induces it with carbon

Contains almost 140 calories in a can in which 99% of it is carbs

Has zero calories and zero carbs

Contains caffeine and sugar

Contains zero caffeine and sugar


The table must have helped you understand the basic difference between soda and sparkling water. It also must have given you an idea about the health benefits the latter holds.


Here are some more differences between the two:



Sparkling water is often said to have a more distinctive flavour making it a great option to enjoy it alone straight from the bottle without making any changes.
Soda on the other hand has a milder, saltier taste and the taste range can vary according to the brands and flavours.

Mineral composition

Sparkling water which is almost always extracted from springs and wells are often infused with minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium.
Soda uses plain water which often means that the mineral composition is not high when compared to the former.


Dental health

Sugary carbonated drinks aka sodas are usually referred to as the biggest culprits of decaying dental health. The acidity along with the high amount of sugar can erode your dental enamel making your teeth more prone to dental issues.


Phosphoric acid

Sodas especially the famous name brands are known to contain more phosphorous than calcium making it one of the leading causes for decreasing bone density.
Sparkling water contains 0 phosphorous and hence does not affect the bone density.


Sugar content

We already covered sugar but here is a more detailed view of how much sugar sodas usually contain.  A can of coke contains 39 grams of sugar which is above the limit of the daily intake of sugar. The daily allowance of sugar for men is 37.5 grams and for women it is 25 grams.


Sparkling water is the clear winner if it ever comes to a face off between soda and sparkling water. It is true that the occasional consumption of a coke won’t take years from your life but if you let it become a habit, it can lead to obesity, heart, dental and bone related issues which we definitely don’t want. So, make your choice for 2023 wisely!


Hydration is what matters and where it comes from doesn’t really matter. Or so we thought! The source of your hydration and the various contents of minerals and other elements the source contains also matters. 


Sparkling Water vs. Soda - Face-Off - Still and Sparkling Water (

Soda or Sparkling water; what’s the difference? - May Simpkin

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