Fruits, sparkles and infused water recipes you are going to love!

Fruits, sparkles and infused water recipes you are going to love!

Sparkling water + fruits is a kick ass combo! And a super healthy one too. Whenever we have to entertain guests and have to make last minute preparations or when we feel like having something fancy yet lazy-people-friendly, we make infused water. It's healthy, tasty and insanely hydrating.

Fancy doesn't come easier than this! A pitcher of sparkling water and your favorite fruits to sip and enjoy. Today, we are giving your our favorite infused water combos - some classy and some refreshing ones that might sound weird at first but we promise you'll love it!

Before we get into the combos, some tips from the pros -

  1. If you are using citrus fruits, make sure you drink/serve it within at least 4 hours to avoid the water going bitter.
  2. Reuse the fruits. The slices of fruits you have can be definitely used for a couple of batches and once you are certain there is no flavour left, you can dispose them.
  3. Although you can refrigerate it and keep the infused water for almost 36 hours (if it's not citrus fruits), it's always better to drink it that day.
  4. Make the batch when it's time to serve. Infused water needs only 15 minutes to get the flavour so it's always better to make them right before it's time to serve.

Now on to our favorite combos!

1. Cucumber, mint and lemon

Classy combo which brings the feel of summer to your taste buds.
Infused sparkling water


  • 2 bottles - chilled ZOiK sparkling water
  • ÂĽ cucumber sliced and cleaned
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 1-2 lemon slice

Directions: Fill a pitcher with ZOiK Sparkling Water and add cucumber slices, mint leaves and lemon slices. Refill until the flavour is gone.


2. Kiwi, orange and sweet lime

The heavenly taste of citrusy goodness is what you need to make any dull day vibrant!
Infused sparkling water


  • 2 slices - kiwi
  • 2 slices - orange
  • 2 slices - sweet lime
  • 2 bottles - chilled ZOiK Sparkling Water

Directions: Add fruit slices and top it with ZOiK (chilled). Serve within 15 minutes and enjoy. 


3. Pineapple and mint

We love pineapple. Sue us.
Infused sparkling water


  • Fresh mint leaves
  • â…“ cup - pineapple slices
  • 1 cup - Coconut water 
  • 2 bottles - chilled ZOiK Sparkling Water

Directions: Add the mint leaves and pineapple slices into a pitcher. Add some coconut water and top it off with ZOiK Sparkling Water.


4. Sparkling Mixed Berry Infusion

Have you ever had a drink where the flavor exploded in your mouth? If not, here is the recipe that will make it happen!

Infused sparkling water

Make sure you choose the juiciest and sweetest fruits and lime will balance out the taste and give you a delicious drink.


  • 3-4 cherries pitted or whole
  • 3-4 blueberries
  • 2 bottles - chilled ZOiK sparkling water
  • 1-2 lime slices

Directions:In your vessel of choice add cherries, blueberries and lime. Top it off with chilled ZOiK and serve immediately. The citrusy fruits might turn bitter after a while so make sure to prepare it right before it's time to serve!


These are our top favorite infused water combinations! Tell us your favorite one out of the list or if you have any other combos, let us know & tag us on Instagram! We would love to hear from you!

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