Mix Drinks the Pro-way!

Mix Drinks the Pro-way!

We delved into the basics of the art that is mixing drinks and learned the history and mesmerizing facts of this wonderful art.

Let us now learn about how we can be pros!

Don't be a cheapskate when it comes to liquor and drinks:

Make sure you shell out a few bucks for all your raw materials- we don't mean 25 year old will-make-you-go-broke liquor but make sure it's not the cheapest.

Make sure you follow the little parts of the process-

  • Chill your glass
  • make sure you have the basil leaves, lemon slices and pink salt all freshly available.
  • chill your mixer ahead of time
  • lots and lots of ice

 Make sure you measure the drinks properly

This is highly important. Make sure all the ingredients are carefully measured and we can promise you it will make your drinks more premium bar like and less uneven and boozy.


Size matters
The problem with long glasses is simple. It will make the drinks go warm. It will lose its chill!
It's not just in the drinks- it's a whole experience.

Having the proper tools like a jigger, knives and shakers and good glassware (wine glasses, whiskey glasses and some obligatory cute glasses) will help you get the whole experience!

Now, to a little crash course on some bartending terms.

Mixed drinks and cocktails -

  1. Mixed drink- it combines 2 or more ingredients
  2. Cocktails- a mixture of liquor, mixer, sweeteners/bitters.
  3. Neat and straight-up
  4. Neat- poured straight from the bottle
  5. Straight-up - mixed, shaked or stirred with ice
  6. On the rocks - It simply means served over ice (make sure the ice is fresh!)
  7. Mixers are essential!

 Sparkling water is a widely used mixer and the mere simplicity of sparkling waters like Zoik will make your drink so much better.

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